3 Top Concrete Floor Coating Products For Slip Resistance

10 February 2023
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Concrete floors come in all different types of finishes and textures. There are polished floors and stained floors, but one thing that all concrete floors have in common is that they can get slippery when wet or if something is spilled on your floor.

One of the easiest ways to make concrete less slippery is by applying a coating to it which will seal off any pores or cracks in the concrete and create an anti-slip surface for people walking on it. The coating also protects the floor from water damage by making sure that it doesn't seep through into the pores of the concrete.

Here are three top concrete floor coating products for slip resistance:

1) A Liquid Rubber Floor Coating

Liquid rubber is a water-based product that can be applied directly to your concrete floor. It creates an anti-slip coating that seals any cracks or pores in your concrete and creates a protective layer over it which makes it one of the best concrete floor coating products for slip resistance. A professional application is recommended because it will ensure that the coating is applied evenly and correctly. Liquid rubber can be used on any concrete surface, including driveways, footpaths, and parking lots.

2) Acrylic Polymers

Acrylic polymers come in liquid form and are mixed with water before they're applied to the floor. Once they dry, they form a hard shell that protects the concrete underneath from moisture damage and other problems like stains or scratches. They create a slip and skid-resistant surface that won't fade or crack over time making them one of the most ideal concrete floor coating products.

Acrylic polymers can also be used as an overlay on existing concrete surfaces that have been damaged by water or other issues. Overlays are thin layers of material that adhere directly to existing concrete without having to grind down the top layer first like some other types of overlays require.

3) Epoxy Resins

If you are looking for slip-resistant concrete floor coating products, epoxy resins are your best bet. Epoxy resins are made from the reaction of two or more substances and they have a very high molecular weight that makes them ideal for bonding with concrete surfaces. They are also highly durable and can be used as a sealant, coating, or overlay on any type of concrete flooring.

To find out more about concrete floor coating products to make your floors slip-resistant, chat with a concrete contractor today.