3 Reasons to Use Formatubes on Underground Concrete Work

5 April 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Formatubes don't just help you build concrete columns above ground; they are also a useful tool if you're working under the ground. How can these formwork tubes help?

1. Avoid Soil Collapse

If you're creating piles or drilling into the ground, then you might have to find a way to manage soil collapse. The holes you create won't necessarily stay in place and in shape for long. This can be a particular problem if you're working with dry and soft soil. The soil will naturally fill in any hole you make in it unless you move on to the next stage of your build quickly.

If this isn't possible, then formwork tubes buy you time. If you insert a tube into a drilled hole, then the tube will provide support for the space. It holds soil back until you're ready to complete the job.

2. Deal With Wet Conditions

Pouring concrete into damp or wet ground has its problems. Excess water and moisture can affect the concrete and its ability to set and cure. Your build might not be as robust as you need it to be.

If you insert formwork tubes into the ground after digging or drilling, then you create a shield around the hole. These tubes have specialist waterproofing on the outside which keeps water out of the inside of the tube.

So, the inside stays dry even in waterlogged conditions. Your concrete sits and sets in optimum conditions. It stays dry until it sets. You get a higher quality and stronger end result with minimal effort.

3. Get a Biodegradable Solution

Sometimes, you have to leave concrete supports in place underground even after your concrete has set. You don't have a way of getting the supports out of the ground. Or, you might have to move too quickly on the rest of the project to take them out.

Formwork tubes are a good option here. These tubes naturally degrade over time. So, if you're building columns, you remove the part of the tube that sits above the ground but you leave the rest of the tube underground safe in the knowledge that it will break down over time.

This biodegradable solution minimises the building footprint you leave behind. Your customers might also appreciate you using green working materials that won't harm the environment.

To learn more about using Formatubes underground, ask a local formwork supplier for advice.