General Safety Guidelines for Mobile Scaffold Users

22 May 2017
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Scaffolding is a popular choice of access equipment for many professionals working in the building construction and maintenance industry. It offers safe and easy access to areas that require people to work at heights. However, not all types of scaffolds are made the same. There is an extensive selection of scaffolding to choose from, but all fall into either fixed or mobile scaffolds. Today, we're going to narrow down our focus to mobile scaffolds.

As their name implies, mobile scaffolds are a type of scaffolding mounted on castors or wheels to allow for easy and convenient mobility during operation. They are commonly used for building maintenance work like exterior wall painting and skyscraper window cleaning, where staff need to frequently change position. Because mobile scaffolds are mounted on castors or wheels, they can easily become unstable and result in fall accidents if they are not properly secured or used.

If you're looking forward to hiring mobile scaffold for an upcoming building maintenance application, you should be aware of the following general guidelines to ensure safe use.

Proper assembly and securement of the equipment

If you are going to use mobile scaffolds, the first thing you will to do is make sure they are properly installed and secured in position. To prevent the scaffold from collapsing, all vertical members of the assembly must be properly joined together and secured with braces, including horizontal braces, diagonal braces, cross braces, or a combination of different braces. The ground or surface on which the castors will be placed needs to be hard and level, and it must be a safe distance away from a slab edge or any sloppy area. The locking mechanism on the wheels must be fully engaged so as to prevent any possible movement of the scaffolds during operation. 

Mobile scaffolds must be inspected to check for defects prior to use. Faulty scaffolds must NEVER be used. 

Use of trained personnel only

Trained staff should be employed at every stage, from the assembling, to operation to dismantling of the mobile scaffolds. Any worker who is not trained to use the equipment must not be allowed to access it. Each scaffold has a maximum working load that must never be exceeded. Heavy working tools and supplies should not carried up by hand. It is much safer to have them hoisted up. A mobile scaffold must never be moved when someone is still on it.