Choosing PVC strip curtains for visible shop door

2 May 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you have a factory that backs onto your store front you want to make sure that your factory is cleanly separated from the shop front to prevent any dust or dirt from entering the store. A popular option for this is PVC strip curtains. Here are 3 reasons they are a great option in this application.

Self closing

As the strips do not need to be opened and closed, it is easy to restock the shop with stock from the factory with a single person. The strips are light and one person can walk or easily drive a trolley through them. The self-closing strips also quickly close which can help to save money on energy if you use air conditioning in the store but not in the factory (or vice versa). Finally, it can also help to keep dust and insects out of each area which can be important if you want a tidy shop and/or need to keep hygiene in your factory. 


One of the reasons that people like PVC curtains is that you can choose either opaque strips or clear strips. Clear strips allow a sense of connection between the two areas which can be valuable for employees as they get to see the real customers for their goods and understand how the quality of their work affects the company. Equally, the retail store staff learns to value to contributions of the production staff. Finally, the customers also get to see their good getting made and have a real sense of the freshness of the product. 

Easy to maintain

Physical doors can easily get grimy with handprints and need maintenance, especially if they are opened many times a day or are in a dusty environment. If you have an issue with a PVC strip door it is very simply to either wipe down the doors or replace broken strips without causing a significant disruption to the surrounding area. This is a huge advantage in a busy production environment where it can be hard to find a window of time to get a door repair done. 

If you are looking for an easy to use and maintain door between your factory and retail store, it's worth looking at installing a PVC strip door. PVC strips doors are an effective way to separate areas while helping to save money. Contact a PVC strip door supplier for more information.