Why You Should Consider Building Your Interiors with Recycled Bricks

3 April 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


When used in the interiors of buildings, recycled bricks hardly ever give any serious trouble because the typical agents causing their deterioration are outside. However, in building exteriors, where these bricks are exposed to the elements, there's a heightened risk of premature failure. If you are musing on the idea of using recycled brick for building the interiors of your new home, you may first need to know the perks that you stand to gain in the process.

Here is a rundown of some great benefits you should expect.


Bricks are one of those natural building materials that can actually get stronger over time, and when they are spared the wrath of outside elements, they can retain their strength and durability for even longer. Salvaged bricks can continue providing years and years of service in the home without cracking or breaking. 

Aesthetic appeal

If you want to make the interiors of your home look stunningly beautiful, you should consider building with recycled bricks. These bricks come in different shades and tones of earthy colours that can add to the charm and beauty of any interior space. Various types of bricks can be used to create unique patterns and other accents for purposes of improving visual impact.

Indoor air quality

As with other stone masonry surfaces, bricks do not encourage mould growth, and typically, they do not need to be painted. These qualities make brick a great choice for the interiors of a building, as the material does not compromise indoor air quality. Mould growth may lead to circulation of mould spores within the home, while paint may contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Thermal comfort

Bricks have the ability to absorb and retain heat for several hours or even days, thanks to their porous nature. When used in the fireplace, for example, bricks will keep the home warmed up long after the fire has been put out. Hence, you can stay warmer in winter weather without having to keep the fire burning for too long.

Cost efficiency

Cutting costs is vital when you are embarking on any construction project. What you save on materials can be used to offset some other costs that you might have under-budgeted for. As an added bonus, reclaimed bricks cost much less to build with compared to new bricks.

Thanks to the numerous benefits that recycled bricks can provide when used for constructing the interiors of buildings, more and more of today's new homeowners favour it. You wouldn't want to be left behind, would you?