Best Vintage: Sandblast Your Way Into New Skills

Diamond Circular Saw Blades: 3 Tips for a Longer Life

As a new business owner, it is important you understand how every piece of equipment in your manufacturing plant works. By understanding what your equipment does, and how to maintain and use it properly, you can extend the lifespan of the tools being used. Diamonds are known for their strength, which is why they are a top choice for industrial circular saw blades. But, poor maintenance or use choices means you will be buying more blades than necessary. These tips are to help you understand whether any changes need to be made to your maintenance regime. They also assist in identifying operator errors that may be causing excess blade wear. New Blade Placement When a new diamond blade is put into your circular saw, are your maintenance crew inspecting the machine thoroughly before the blade is inserted? If the saw is not properly aligned, any extra vibration causes the blade to cut incorrectly and this wears down the teeth faster than necessary. Before you place or use a new blade, ensure: the saw is sitting completely level on a platform so no vibration occurs during operation. the saw belts are properly tensioned so they do not slip during saw use. Slipping belts mean the blade does not uniformly rotate and this leads to imperfections during cutting. there is no movement in the arbor shaft. The arbor shaft attaches to the diamond blade and controls the movement of the blade. If the bearings in the arbor shaft are worn, it is difficult to perfectly align the blade to where the cut is to be made. A full check of the... read more

About Me

Johnny V saying hi. I am a vintage car fanatic who turns old, discarded bombs into works of art. I sell many of them but I also keep some to drive around town. I love the stares and looks of envy. All the hard work is worth it.
The biggest enemy in repairing vintage cars is rust, so I am a big believer in sandblasting. Sandblasting is truly a skill that must be learnt through trial and error. You need to follow safety procedures and perfect your technique so you don’t have metal warpage. However, once you learn to sandblast, there is no cheaper, more effective way of creating a rust-free, clean surface for a paint job.
In this blog I share my techniques because I know many people are hesitant about learning new skills. I hope you learn something new and gain confidence. Best of luck.