How to plan your machinery upgrades the right way

2 April 2018
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Whatever type of business you run there is probably machinery right at the heart of it. There are few companies that don't rely on equipment of some sort to perform the tasks that keep the work flowing. The problem with machinery is that it has a limited lifespan before it needs to be replaced, upgraded or modified in some way. Perhaps the machinery needs to be modified to work effectively with a new piece of equipment that you have recently purchased, or you simply want to conduct some machinery upgrades to ensure your machinery can perform a slightly different job or operate more efficiently. Read More 

Large Water Tanks — Why You Should Upgrade From Steel to Poly

12 March 2018
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Steel tanks have been the traditional solution for commercial water storage. The material is incredibly sturdy and has been the preferred option for businesses seeking long-term water storage solutions. However, more people are becoming aware of the limitations that come with using steel. After several years, it becomes imperative to replace steel water tanks due to unavoidable damage, as the steel succumbs to years of use and exposure to the elements. Read More 

General Safety Guidelines for Mobile Scaffold Users

22 May 2017
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Scaffolding is a popular choice of access equipment for many professionals working in the building construction and maintenance industry. It offers safe and easy access to areas that require people to work at heights. However, not all types of scaffolds are made the same. There is an extensive selection of scaffolding to choose from, but all fall into either fixed or mobile scaffolds. Today, we're going to narrow down our focus to mobile scaffolds. Read More 

Choosing PVC strip curtains for visible shop door

2 May 2017
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If you have a factory that backs onto your store front you want to make sure that your factory is cleanly separated from the shop front to prevent any dust or dirt from entering the store. A popular option for this is PVC strip curtains. Here are 3 reasons they are a great option in this application. Self closing As the strips do not need to be opened and closed, it is easy to restock the shop with stock from the factory with a single person. Read More 

3 Tips to Prevent Nuisance Dumping in Your Rented Skip Bin

24 April 2017
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Sometimes you'll face a cleaning task where only a skip bin will do. It's all fairly straightforward. You order the best type of bin for the job, it's delivered, you fill it, and then it's taken away. It couldn't be easier, right? However, it can be a bit of a downer to realise that other people in your area have also decided to do a bit of household cleaning and that they have decided to take advantage of your temptingly empty skip bin in order to do so. Read More