Use These 3 Factors to Choose Builders' Film for Your Project

12 December 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Polyethylene builders' film is available in so many variations that it may not be easy for a layperson to select the best for his or her project. This article discusses some of the features that you should consider as you select builders' film for an outdoor project.

Film Durability

Builders' film should be selected based on the lifetime needs of the project in which it will be put to use. For instance, it would be wasteful to buy builders' film that can last for several years if your project has a lifespan of a few months. Pay attention to the expected lifespan of the film that you buy so that you select a variety that will address your needs. The most durable builders' film is usually thicker than the film that will last for a shorter time. However, you should read the product information provided by the supplier so that you can confirm that the selected film will last as long as your project requires.

Condensate Control

You may also need to select builders' film that has an additive that reduces the surface tension of the film if you will use that film for a project that can be affected by condensation, such as on a greenhouse application. The condensation control additive reduces the surface tension of the film so that water droplets simply flow off the surface instead of sticking to the film. In this way, the film will remain free from water droplets at all times.

UV Light Control

Different manufacturers make builders' film that has varying abilities to block UV light. Pick builders' film with the highest level of UV damage protection in case that film will be used in a location where constant exposure to sunlight is expected. However, some UV light penetration may be helpful in case your application requires pollinators, such as bees, to access your structure. This is because your plants may not be pollinated in case bees can't navigate their way around the structure that you have constructed. Bees depend on UV light for their navigation needs.

As you can see, not all forms of polyethylene builders' film will be suitable for your project. You should therefore think carefully about the needs of your project before you go shopping for the film. The suppliers will only be able to help you to make the right decision in case you can describe your needs to them clearly. Those professionals will then point out other features that will make some types of polyethylene builders' film a better match for your project.